FIRE Application: Uploads Page

Note: You must complete a questionnaire before uploading documents. Please do not upload documents unless you have already completed a questionnaire (see FIRE's Guidelines page). 

You will be asked to upload documents only (PDFs preferred)no URLs, except for broadcast samples.

Please upload your documents below. File sizes are limited to 8MB. 

Basic Information and Resume  

Work Samples:

You must attach work-sample documents in all three boxes to complete this form. Documents only (PDFs preferred)—URLs accepted for broadcast pieces only. If you are submitting URLs for a broadcast piece, please paste the URL onto a document and submit the document. If you have more than one URL, please paste each one to a separate document.

Work Samples

Story Proposal Form: 

You may download the Story Proposal form here. The form limits you to one page 12 point, single spaced. To be fair to others who observe strict limits, FIRE is under no obligation to read anything over one page.

Editorial Consultancy Applicants: If you are applying to the Editorial Consultancy (seeking no stipend or services, merely the director’s time), you do not have to pursue a specific story. You may simply fill out the Story Proposal form based on anything you want to explore—investigative reporting interests, inquiries, or aspirations.
Virtual Newsroom Applicants: If you are applying to the Virtual Newsroom, you must fill out the Story Proposal form for a specific story. For due diligence, the FIRE director may contact you for follow-up queries on your Story Proposal. 
For more information, see Guidelines. For any questions, please email